Six Sigma Implemented Manufacturer of Precision Stampings Products

【高阶主管】专案选择支援。【Six Sigma技术领导者】。Six Sigma专案辅导黑带培训。
【Six Sigma专案小组领导者】。 【Six Sigma专案小组成员】。【全体员工】Six Sigma

LAYANA Key Roles for Six Sigma Implementation

  Champion 1
Layard Lai (Founder)
  Master Black Belts (MBB) 3
Marvin Cheng Jeng (Vice Chairman)、
TN Chen (Vice President)、 Penny Lin(Vice President)
  Black Belts (BB) 6
Ivy Chen( General Manager )、Ming-Jie Shih(Vice President)、
Jack Lee (Manager)、Samuel Tseng(Manager)、
Yen-Lin Chen(Manager)、Alex Lai(Section Manager)
  Green Belts (GB) 13
Mike Lai(President)、Jenny Yang(Supervisor)、Chris Chen( Manager)、
Debbie Shih(Assistant Manager)、Cherry Wang(Assistant Manager)、
Ru-Jin Yao(Assistant Manager)、Shun-Yang Chang(Assistant Manager)、
Jian-Yao Yang(Assistant Manager)、Jhong-Tai Lin(Assistant Manager)
Shr-Chin Lee(Section Manager)、 Molly Yang(Section Manager)、
Shu-Jiuan Huang(Financial Coordinator )、 Tsung-En Lin(Section Manager)

Six Sigma Project Presentation

Fifty-six projects have been released in Eleventh presentations since 2003. From quality control patterns, manufacturing processes to accounting issues, undesirable and inefficient factors have been properly improved, controlled and monitored.

The skillful staff of Layana can now make use of Six Sigma methods proficiently to pin-point root causes, solve issues, set up standard operating procedure and reach desired goals. By implementing Six Sigma methods, product quality has been improved and profit has been maximized.
2018 Twelfth Six Sigma Improve Project Presentation in New Headquarter .
2016 Eleventh Six Sigma Improve Project Presentation in Changhua.
2015 Tenth Six Sigma Improve Business Issues Project Presentation in Changhua.
2014 Ninth Six Sigma Improve Problem Project Presentation in Changhua.
2013 Eighth Six Sigma Project Presentation in Changhua.
2012 Taiwan TrainQuali System Silver Prize granted.
2010 SPC implemented.
2007 ISO9001 Certificate of Design and Manufacture of Flatware granted in November.
2006 5S coached by China Productivity Center in March, ISO/TS16949:2002 certified.
2005 Third Six Sigma Project Presentation in Kaohsiung. ERP System implemented in August.
2004 Second Six Sigma Project Presentation in Taichung. Six Sigma methods coached by China Productivity Center in March.
2003 First Six Sigma Project Presentation in Taipei.  ISO/TS16949:2002 Implementation coached by Kind Consulting in November.
2002 TPS/Lean techniques implemented to eliminate Seven Wastes.
2001 QS-9000 Implementation coached by Kind Consulting in October.
2000 Six Sigma Training Courses launched.

Six Sigma Implementation, A Path to Excellence

Six Sigma is a set of tools and strategies for process improvement which seeks to improve the quality of process outputs by identifying and removing the causes of defects (errors) and minimizing variability in manufacturing and business processes. This is Layana’s pathway to excellence.